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about us.





ALGN is the business consulting firm you seek out if you're seeking something new - a new kind of result. With a combined 30+ years in business ownership, people management, leadership development, strategic planning, and branding  - we can lead you where you need to be because we have been there ourselves.
Through our many years of hard-won experience, we have repeatedly learned that alignment is everything, integration is the key to efficacy, and everyone (regardless of title) is a leader. Neuroscience and emotional intelligence are the primary differentials in our coaching and consultancy models.  We know how people operate from a proven, brain-body, lens: what makes people tick, how they communicate, how they receive information, what motivates them, how they engage with others, what elevates performance, and how they identify with their work, et al. You've landed here because you're smart, you care about people, the culture that you are creating in your workplace, you believe in a world of abundance and know everyone on your team can and should thrive, you care about your own living legacy as a leader, you value a high-touch point luxury experience, and you know that success and business integrity are not mutually exclusive. This is how we know that we are the right consultants to fully support you in elevating your business and leadership. 


Your team’s ability to lead one another, adapt, and relate is what we at ALGN call Organizational Plasticity. You can effectuate a healthier interpersonal dynamic amongst your employees by giving them the tools for self-awareness and social intelligence. By taking the time to consider the brain-science of human behavior you not only create a healthier work environment, but you also create dynamic where all people can leverage their individual and collective skillsets and thrive. Informed by proven practices, let us help you create a new bottom line. What were once considered “soft skills” are now non-negotiable if what you want is efficacy, spending less time on personality and conflict management, and more time on meaningful work.  



We understand when you begin to look critically at an aspect of yourself, your leadership, and/or your business you'll begin to discover areas that need your further attention. Our team has you covered. We staff experts in a variety of industries so that we can address what's needed now, begin to immediately upskill your team, and leave you astonished at the results you'll generate.


Our coaches, consultants, and associates are well versed in the following: 


  • Organizational Psychology 

  • Operation & Systems Efficiency 

  • Leadership & Performance Development 

  • Team Development 

  • Business Start-Ups 

  • Culture Development 

  • Change Management 

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Business Planning 

  • Branding & Marketing 

  • Brick & Mortar Interior Design 

  • Cash Flow & Projections 

  • Environmental Stewardship 

  • Fundraising & Development 

  • Public Relations 

  • Key Messaging & Copywriting 

  • Photojournalism & Digital Content Production 


Whether it be leading your organization’s offsite retreat, making a website that makes sense, supporting you to develop new corporate strategies, or building out programming  - ALGN will help you turn your team into high performing, high functioning, emotionally intelligent, leaders.

You can expect that ALGN coaches, consultants, and associates, will:

  • Nurture our client relationships ongoingly

  • Maintain all ethical and moral standards of professionalism

  • Be adaptable while also holding the line of what you know is important for you and your growth

  • Honor our agreement of deliverables with a keen focus on your desired outcomes

  • Honor your team as individuals and help them to identify and leverage their unique gifts, thought-styles, and skills

  • Comply with all privacy policies and adhere to best practices in client/coach confidentiality

  • Hold ourselves, you, and the members of your team to the highest standards in order to healthfully expand

  • Communicate clearly, directly, and responsively

  • Lead by example and hold you accountable to do the same

  • Generously share all of our available resources

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